How to Take Care of Your Scarf MARIE GABCO

MARIE GABCO's silk scarf is a small artwork that needs to be taken care of. It will retain its brilliant colors and immaculate looks for many years if we just keep in mind these 4 simple rules of care.


1. Wash exclusively by hand at a water temperature below 30 °C.

The silk scarf is washed by adding a liquid detergent for silk and fine fabrics. Alternatively, children’s shampoo can be used as a substitute.


2. Do not wring or twist

We wash the scarf in hands by gently squeezing it. Then rinse it in lukewarm water, but we never wring it, as it might damage fine silk tissues.


3. Dry in shade at room temperature

We do not dry the silk scarf in direct sunlight, as it could lose its color. The best thing to do is to spread it out over a towel and let it dry or hang it out, bending it over in the middle. The scarf should, however, never be hung by its corners so as not to lose its shape.


4. Iron at a low temperature

The dried silk scarf is ironed at the lowest possible temperature. If we want our hand-sewn margins to keep their volume, we do not iron them at all.

So now you know all the ins and outs of taking care of your beautiful silk piece.