My Scarf

How to Take Care of Your Scarf MARIE GABCO

MARIE GABCO's silk scarf is a small artwork that needs to be taken care of. It will retain its brilliant colors and immaculate looks for many years if we just keep in mind these 4 simple rules of care.   1. Wash exclusively by hand at a water temperature below 30 °C. The silk scarf…
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Scarves MARIE GABCO are primarily an expression of hand work and impersonation of artistic feelings of the author. It is also a collection of hand painted scarves, which are an absolute creation from design to hand painting. Each scarf is so the original, which will show the personality of its wearer as a precious jewel.…
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Collection of HAND DESIGNED scarves was originally inspired by hand painted scarf Souffle d'Angleterre, pattern of which was graphically processed as a digital design. The digital design was then applied to silk and allowed the connection of original hand work with modern technique of painted silk scarves and high quality material. HAND DESIGNED collection is…
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